Owner and specialist painter, Alan Jamieson, showed artistic flair early on in life. By the time he finished high-school, Alan was already planning to put his art skills into commercial practice, when he was offered an apprenticeship with ‘Traditional Stencils,’ a company run and owned by Tom McDougall. Alan jumped at opportunity and Tom quickly recognised Alan’s talent, instructing him in the art of stencilling, wood graining, marbling, fine cornus detail work, gold/silver leaf finishes and many of the other skills and techniques that Alan employs in his work today.

With over twenty years experience in the specialist painting industry and years spent running his own business, Alan cites “inventing new ways to come up with that unique finish” as the most rewarding part of his job.  That and now being able to support Novacolor in establishing a market within Australia.


Covering all facets of european finishes, AMCOAT Australia is one of Australia’s leading applicators in Stucco, Polished Plaster, Marmarino, Rust, Zolatone, Antique Wash, Gilding, Armuralia, Antique and Aged Effects.

With the introduction of Novacolor products, AMCOAT is now the only company in Australia who can supply and apply products like Wall2Floor, Skins, Rust-on, Visionnaire, Swahili, Archi+Concrete and may more mind blowing finishes.

Novacolor has evolved to become one of the leading companies in the field of decorative effects and designers finishes, continually developing new and creative ways to apply finishes to both interior and exterior surfaces. Novacolor prides itself on being a leader in the ongoing development of environmental – friendly and low VOC paints and plasters.

Armourcoat is a market leading manufacturer and specialist contractor of decorative surface finishes. The company has its UK head offices in Sevenoaks and has a wholly owned US subsidiary business based in Las Vegas. Developed over 30 years the company works with a network of agents and customers and enjoys product sales and installation into 80 countries. The UK business manages the manufacture of the wide product range, global distribution and technical support. It also runs a significant contracting business operating in the UK and Europe. With an outstanding and ever growing product range Armourcoat remain at the forefront of sustainable decorative surface solutions.

Zolatone multicolor paint works on a similar principle. Layered and tactile particles of color add visual interest up close but appear solid when viewed at a distance. Zolatone achieves this effect by suspending tiny balls of color within the paint. These paint particles explode on impact when applied creating a one-of-a-kind look that appears natural and conceals the scuffs and stains that occur in high traffic areas.